English Lessons

La Mano Amiga is developing a library of free, research-based English lessons for beginning learners. Lessons build upon a video produced in direct English, and are supplemented with bilingual study guides. Learning takes place online at the student’s own pace—with audiovisuals and with text. English lessons are located in the Spanish-language portion of this site, at this link.


Our thanks go to our producers:

Matt Amaral. (Episode 5) Matt is a multimedia producer, communications specialist, researcher, writer and editor specializing in human rights, advocacy, documentaries, and nonfiction issues. He completed his master's degree in international affairs (concentration: media and culture) from the New School University. His media experience includes pre-production, videography/filming, and post-production.

Blaire Hopkins Hall. (Episode 6) Blaire has 16 years of experience in the graphics and marketing fields and nine years of experience as a public school educator. She started her own freelancing business for graphics and photography in late 2013. She has recently become involved with film projects and enjoys the opportunity to combine education, creativity and service. Blaire is always looking for interesting projects; contact her at blaire_h@icloud.com

Aanish Puri (Episode 7) is an amateur videographer who has produced a number of videos for his school and other organizations. He is currently a student at Wayzata High School in Minnesota and, along with his friends (actors) Alex and Noah, he takes part in the National Honor Society.

Doug Warnock. (Episodes 1-4) Doug received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Central High School of Philadelphia and went on to pursue media studies and production at Temple University. He plans to work in broadcast news with a future eye on directing and cinematography. He is the founder of Pirate Chicken Productions. Thank you also to Doug's actors: Danny Varughese, Dhanya Varughese and Victor Jegede.